Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager 8.0

Remote Desktop Manager lets you organize sessions in groups (folders)
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Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform.

Main Features:

- Connect any session types, such as: RDP, SSH, Web, VNC, Telnet, ICA/HDX, TeamViewer, LogMeIn and many more.
- Increase functionality, productivity and efficiency with more than 60 add-ons.
- Securely connect to more than 25 VPN types.
- Save and manage all passwords.
- Input credentials and automatically login everywhere.
- Import or integrate existing password managers, such as KeePass and many more.
- Share and centralize all connections and passwords within the organization.
- Access your data from an offline location.
- Secure the organization via the best encryption algorithm.
- Manage and restrict user accesses.
- Set user specific credentials.
- View connection logs and track all remote accesses details.

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