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Remote Desktop Manager 2022.1

Create and organize remote computer connections
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Manage all your remote connections and virtual machines. Centralize all access points, passwords, login details, etc. Optionally, edit or share this information throughout a team of users on multiple computers by defining different user security groups and privileges.

Anyone who has worked as part of the support staff or as a network administrator surely understands how important it is to access multiple workstations and servers remotely. That explains why an application to help you manage all your remote connections and passwords from a single place, such as Remote Desktop Manager, is always welcome. The application has a nice ribbon-based interface, which is similar to those of Microsoft Office products. Besides, it has a contextual dashboard that allows accessing most built-in tools and scripts. However, using the program obviously requires at least basic understanding of network technologies.

Fortunately, Remote Desktop Manager allows for data sharing with other tools of the same kind. In this respect, it can import data from such similar utilities as RDP, TeamViewer, Office and mRemote, to mention but a few. Likewise, it allows you to export data in various formats, particularly XML, which is supported by most tools. Similarly, you can share information with other computers by using the developer’s on-the-cloud service to store remote connection settings and passwords. It’s good to notice that this is completely optional, in case you’re concerned about your privacy.

This utility supports an incredible number of remote connection types, including remote desktop, CloudExplorer, FTP and shared folders. In this regard, there are around 20 types of remote desktop connections in the standard version and many more in the paid one. Besides, the program also supports creating virtual private networks. In fact, it seems that no type of remote connection has been neglected here. However, if you need to expand the program’s functionalities, it’s good to know that it supports scripting as well as installing add-ons.

All in all, Remote Desktop Manager definitely deserves a try. It has the advantage of supporting a huge number of connection protocols in addition to Microsoft Remote Desktop. Sadly, I really wish the help documentation could be better structured.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It has a nice interface
  • It supports a large number of connection types
  • It allows sharing data in many ways
  • It’s compatible with other similar tools
  • It supports add-ons


  • The help documentation is badly structured
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